Result Of Human Greed 7"

by Immoral Squad

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Bonus track (1994) :
Unreleased *
Split 7" with Uranus **
Quebec Crusade for Auditive Savagery Proliferation - v/a 7" ***
Negative Approach cover Unreleased ****

Doomsday Machine Records


released October 10, 1993



all rights reserved


Immoral Squad Québec, Québec

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Track Name: This Seem's To Be So Normal
Another day, people walking people
crying life is pain
Nothing to prove the people loose
This world is dirty, this world is what I see
The days follow eachother and they look the same
This seems to be so normal,
change it all or it may be too late...
See and hear the drain flows down a useful thing,
we need it for living
People thread on this, and they don't care,
I walk on this and I really care
Always divide to prove nothing (3x).
Always divided to prove your says
The past seems like the future, present looks like nothing
Life is not a game, human greed is to blame
The tears of someone makes the other rich
Do nothing to die, do nothing to help
Track Name: Your So Stupid
Command to be commanded
your so stupid
I hate your face fukci you military (2x).
For your father and your country,
for the honor of the country,
for the honor of the family,
for your macho side and your fucking pride
It's not your muscles who affraid me,
look I have a head if you see
Honor for you a head for me,
I'll die laughing at you when you laugh at me
Track Name: Totally Blind
We are prosperity in a possible hope.
Consomation: to gain a status.
A development who despises life and love things,
welcome in this world of squandering.
Being is to own: artificial needs, we forget reality.
The progress for productivity kills the valor of life for property.
The economy creates social injustice.
Are you really free in modernity?
Feed your wealth with foreigh poverty,
money gives the right to be free.
Track Name: War
Millions of people die for the war. Why the war?
For money and power.
This is war, a reality pain is what I see.
Some false values are more important than human life.
Innocent victims suffering and crying
result of human greed fear is our disease
Track Name: Punishment
I hear voices inside
my brain is locked from the outside.
My body betray me
no one else can set me free.
Nothing can prove
a useless pain
I want a worthy death
have a last pride of myself.
It's ana act of bravery and not of cowardice.
The most greatest act of dignity, honor and pride.
Be winner od this game between technology and moral says.
Track Name: Mother Earth
In name of development, we detroy mither earth,
it's a fact of this civilization.
If we don't stop pollution
she will show us, the pain we've done.
The humble nature, has been forced,
to serve the capital accumulation.
Human race is cunning,
we've took too much profit of what she gave
it's too hard to undertake the responsibilty to have respect.
Mother earth cries...