Felon LP

by Immoral Squad

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Second album since the reunion in 2006 of quebec city's hardcore veterant Immoral Squad. Their new songs are now shorter faster and influenced by the late 80's american hardcore. Those 12 tracks that are going to kick your ass with a lot of pain.
Doomsday Machine Records


released December 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Immoral Squad Québec, Québec

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Track Name: Felon
The more you kill, the more you’re famed
The more you cheat, the more you’re rich
The more you lie, the more you’re revered
So you breathe, so you delete

You’re a killer
You’re the shame
You’re a fault
You’re bad

Mess and pain mark your path
You do evil to feed yourself
Destruction is your addiction
But you cannot wipe out my soul
Disgraceful character
You are cursed

You’re ugly
You’re a felon
You lie as you breathe
You are cursed
Track Name: Stardust
I am Stardust
Nothing can pretend my eternity
I am so small
So ephemeral

I would like to be eternal
I’m an atom but also a beast
It’s not just a dream
To live several times

I know that I’m already gone but others will
I play, I hope, I cry, I miss, but I attempt to do
I want to survive but I ‘m lying to myself
I want it possible but I complain
I want to be eternal, I am stardust
Track Name: Children video games
Children play video games
they never want to stop
gambling addiction
No other interest

The game rules their reality
human contacts disappear
Creating asocial beings
They become robot

They believe they are heroes
Unless, they become pawns
feel emotions through a computer
here's their path
Children video games
How to create autistic

Brainwashing has begun
video games make life boring
See their distress when it’s done, its autism
Track Name: Forgiveness
Slave of my own grief
I walk through the rubble
I’m what I can be
I want to forgive

Forgive/let it go/disclose my force

Forgiveness’s best revenge
Hate is a weakness
The slayer is forgiven
He has to sow his memory

Less we forget
Track Name: Mass consumption
Victims of mass consumption
A lifestyle based on a real wasting
An irrational economic behaviour
Lives wasted for production

You buy and buy useless crap
Without thinking about exploitation
Pain is the price for consumption
Can you see it’s a problem?

Mass consumption

Protest against this world of consumption
Re-evaluate your lifestyle
You’re part of the problem
You’re also the solution
Mass consumption: a mistake
Mass consumption: our treatment
Track Name: Writings on the wall
They won their guns
They found their gods
Fear, pain and slugs
Written on the wall

They walk for freedom
And they shot for fun
Old, young and dogs
It’s written on the wall

It’s all the same
Nothing is true
Nothing is false
Crimes are glorious
And glory is a crime

They hang for justice
They burn to purify
We’ll be hang by justice
This story was between you and me

Fear, pain, slugs
Written on the wall
Track Name: Doubt
What’s wrong with me?
I don’t believe in this system
Always in doubt
Got the feeling that we’re the bad guys

I’m full of questions
Fed up of being told what to do
I’m not just a fucking lamb
I wonder and I doubt

Society makes me sick
Consumption cult: darkness cult
Blinded by trivial problems
Is it possible to change?
Appearance is the truth
Selfishness first rule
This state of mind is our end
This way of life is a crime
Track Name: Party!
Let’s have drink
And a shooter of fun
Must drink quickly
Let’s make the party

Sometime to forget
Often to laugh
We celebrate
We have fun!

So expensive
But priceless
Let’s make the party
Before we left!
Track Name: Punishment
From Immoral Squad Result of Human Greed 7"
Track Name: Amen
This world is a scam
Your control is completed
My honour is flouted
My blood is tainted

You’ve won
But my soul remain
Your numbers doesn’t scare me
Your signs are borrowing

Doubt is my salvation
Love is my strength
My passive resistance
Is your Achilles heel

I am humble but not dead
My revenge will be sweet but not ephemeral
Do your duty
Your victory is not eternal
Track Name: Virgil
With my sword and my fate
I shield the world from evil
I punish the wicked
And smite the unbelievers

My name is Virgil, I am a Paladin
Defender of the weak

Evil’s enemy
I’m true love and pure light
Friendship, brotherhood
Fate, chance, role-playing

I am faithful and righteous
I have the fate
I light the darkness
Honor, justice!
Track Name: Tourism
World's largest industry
Practiced by a tiny
Fraction of the people
Luxury keep for the West

No more cultural trade
loss of cultural difference
Local people become dependent
Place and people are now products

The world becomes consumer goods
That you get from a click
Travel is reduced
To a mere act of consuming

Tourist industry sells us oblivion
The need to travel questions
The quality of our life

The planet is now a jar
So the trip is gone