Damned CD

by Immoral Squad

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Choking Hazard Records


released March 31, 2009



all rights reserved


Immoral Squad Québec, Québec

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Track Name: Reign of Chaos
A keen pack is waiting
A cloud of dust submerges the city
The wind of violence is here
Grumbling cries are heard in the streets

Opposite ideas
No compromise
No way to talk
The pit is now created
Reign of chaos

A starving pack is bringing hate
Smell of danger is filling any place
Hate feed fear sully your next
Collation is wanted carrions are here

Ideals of other’s is inhumanity’s incomprehension
Survival of the fittest
Reign of chaos

Social injustice
Deviant behaviour
A destructive force is born

Aversion of ideas
Violent hostility
Survival of the fittest
Reign of chaos
Track Name: Representative
The law says
That you can use violence
Tazer gun and club
You’re killing people without guns

I distrust you, I mistrust you, fuck you bastard

Bad treatments
And verbal abuse
Through your eyes
Everyone’s guilty

To serve and protect?
Bastard control freak
Take off your emblems
You’ll be ashamed
Track Name: Brotherhood
United we stand, divided we fall
Together, we are strong, we are strong
Believe in your Friends, United for what we

Ideals that unite us
Our values are merged
Support your friends
Support your scene!

Crush your selfishness
Respect the ideas of others
Build Something Together
Create a better world
Brotherhood, united
It started one day
And it will never …End
Track Name: Damned
My cold heart is falling
My soul is crumbling
Certainty is a bait
Doubt is salutary

Builder of illusion
Life crooks
Oligarch of evil
Mother of hate
Utopia usurpers
Truth maker
Predator empire

History is a myth
History is uneasiness
Those who cry are condemned
Those who ignore are their blood

You spoil the earth, you sow indifference
You rape integrity, you kill the soul of man
You think you’re the master, but you’re only servants
You’re nothing but slaves, fortunately

The truth is incomplete
You cannot always make it up
Honour, pride, truth, trust and love
You don’t know these words
Treacherous and depraved
You can’t afford
You’re damned
Track Name: Trash Vortex
Trash vortex
Feeds the beast and grows

Trash vortex
Toxic Island
Land of shit
A death sponge

We need an endless dump
We feed this island

Nothing’s done against pollution
We’re decaying the planet earth
Life is crushed underneath the beast
The dead zone takes expansion
Track Name: Settler
War and disorder
New World Order
Distort the truth
Serve their greed

You are miserly
You are squalid
You are mischievous
You are cursed

Man against man
This is your motto
You lead reality
You induce truth

You are miserly
You are squalid
You are mischievous
You are cursed

Miserly and poverty are in full bloom
Conflicts are flaring up
Slowly but surely you settle down
New World Order
Track Name: For The Longest Time
For the longest time I wasted my life
I wasted my life buried by my fear
Lured away by corrosive thoughts I forgot all I hold dear
Now I won’t waste another decade at least that much is clear

To all the sons listening to this song
To all of you who’s afraid to belong
Back in the days when I was young
I wish someone would have sing me that song

Life can be grand life can be great
You reap what you sow that’s what we call fate
Bitterness is death don’t hook on that bait
Don’t give up on yourself don’t give in to hate

Release your senses let go of your mind
Remember as a child your spirit was unbind
All are born blank all are born blind
Questions your beliefs and see what you find

Those who are coming after me consider what I’m singing
I’m not telling what’s right from wrong I’m just saying
Track Name: Our Friend
Destiny makes that we meet again once more
Where are you now? We won’t disturb your soul
Listen to the song, this one is just for you
Is the expression of our best feelings

Our friend, our brother
We hope you still belong to us
Our friend, our brother
In our hearts forever

Years have past but we haven’t forgot your ardour
Your fury, your laughter and energy
In spite of our weaknesses, we we’re united
It was our only family

Your death left a mark in each or our lives
We‘ve just realised that we will also die
We think of you, brother because friends never die
One day we will meet you in another life
Track Name: Redemption
Appease your heart
Carry out your will
Ensure serenity of your soul
Search for your redemption

Look into your eyes
Your soul is free
Your life is a story
Your soul is strong

Try to grow in this world
Always sow your heart
Persevere to reach your goals
Search for salvation
Track Name: Betrayed
You think that you are strong,
You say that you want some change,
But you're afraid of ideas to confront
When the battle is coming,
You are the first to leave,
Stop hiding what you are, you betray yourself

You are betrayed - by what you are
You are betrayed - by yourself
You are betrayed - by your attitude
You are betrayed - again and again

Thinking of it you are worthless, betrayed by your own thoughts,
There’s nothing left to do but whine, and that’s what’s left of you,
We’ve always thought that, you were someone else,
Stop hiding what you are, you betray yourself

Again and again

You are betrayed - by what you are, by yourself, by your attitude, again and again
Track Name: My Life
True to my roots
Different from the mass
Critical on society
My ways to express myself

Years gone by
My body is aging but
Still young in heart
Hardcore for life

When I was young
A revelation flowed through me
My thoughts were now forged
Hardcore guides me

Revelation, liberty, difference, hardcore
My life my way, my voice, Hardcore for life

True to my roots
Different from the mass
Critical on society
My ways to express myself
Track Name: Altered State
Whoever, whatever
However, Whenever
Wherever, Why ever
You lie about!

An instance of hypocrisy
Blind folds on you carry on
Wild fire burns inside your soul
Illusion of freedom unfolds its goal

Corruption grows, fills your heart and will
Condemned slaves, follow and get on the go

Confusion emerge from your saying
Don’t tempt the demon that lies within
You won’t find redemption in hiding
Lying leads to nothing, truth always win!
Track Name: No Revolution
In front of the tube,
You remember the time
You we’re waving the black flag
Laziness has chained you
You are now completely blind
All your anger has faded away
You have lost your goodwill
There’s no more courage in you
Fear is making you weak

Within time
You’ve entered
The mould of
Established order

No revolution for you tonight
Jammed in your seat
You’re sentenced to think
You stay at home complaining

Revolution for you tonight
Fight your fears
Overcome yourself
Be someone
Without scare

Now it’s time to light up the flame
Put your boots on and call your wolf pack
You are lucid, organize your thoughts
Stand up for your beliefs